Sunday, 5 February 2012

Singing songs & snow blind cats

Well its been a while since i last posted and in that time I've been in a sad and reflective mood space so i decided to busy myself by making shiny things. there are 2 more Tiara's, 3 rings and 1 necklace. I had my first attempt at making a spoon ring, it took some time as i didn't have the appropriate tools but it was fun. I have a design in my head for the next spoon ring so once i have myself a welding tool and some flux i shall get set to making it...there is an alchemist within each of us!

Tangle Ring
Spoon Ring
Heart necklace
Swirl Tiara
funky Tiara
last few makes

This morning when i awoke i looked out my window to see one of our cats (Devon) gingerly walking around in the snow like a stiff legged camel. she seemed lost so i opened the door and called her...she turned away and staggered into the parked car!! she looked petrified, bless her. i stepped into the snow- knee high, with nothing more than a dressing gown and slippers on- in an attempt to rescue her. by this time she had managed to shuffle under the car! i went in and told jin he came down to the front  door and called her, her eyes were not focused on anything just wide and staring, very carefully she smelt my footsteps in the snow and stepped in each one until she was at the front door. it would seem our cat is suffering from "Snow Blindness" to much uv light hitting her retina. as soon as she stepped indoors she was fine! it was the most oddest thing. she must have been trying to find her way home for ages...needless to say she will be staying indoors until the snow decides to melt.

 I also spent some time in the Wilde Rose Studio this afternoon singing a song for my Grandson "Ryley" I'm having it put onto a C.D as a keepsake for Ryley, i was there when he was born (only just, due to masses of Chemo!) and this song was playing so the song hold special meaning for me.


Anyway  if you fancy a listen just follow the link  "The Greatest Day".

Right im off, im hopeing the snow clears enough for me to get to  Attleborough where I'm being  tested for some Dyslexic colour lenses ;) fingers crossed!


  1. You are amazing at this jewellery malarkey! I am so glad the kit went to you, you have a gift for it! I love the tangled ring, so unique and pretty. X

  2. Love love LOVE that first tangle ring! There is so much creativity in you missus!
    Hope the cat has recovered.
    And good luck with the colour lenses.

  3. Thanks J-M and Lesley, i enjoyed making them and the Tangle ring was so easy..i made another one for Demi to take back to uni x