Thursday, 16 February 2012

Button It!!!

Well its day two in the singing blogger house, and i went on a hunt with my sister to find some buttons and i found some, big ones, small ones, different coloured ones, i'm glad i found some as i was just about to take scissors to my clothes (not good in December) *its Feb :/ I have a new found love of Buttons, i don't even know why but i am obsessed! Anyway lots of people commented on the button ring i was wearing (not everyone's cup of tea) but on the whole it was a success and i had great company to boot!
Anyhow here is my Two makes of Day Two

Felt Embellishment with Gems and a Button, of course!

Brighten up a Photo frame in less than an hour!

Bit messy but i will improve...wont i?

I sewed these onto an old worn out throw.

The Button Flower was so easy!
So there you have it, i need to practice my needle work but for now i think buttons are my thing as is card and beads/gems. May fancy up a coat hanger tomorrow, will there be buttons involved ? yes.


  1. Beautiful Marina!! Love the photo frame idea!

  2. Brilliant, but "December" has long gone my dear! ;) xx