Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Elle Flump & Button Bags

Well as promised the Post is here, its always a bit of a mad rush on Tuesdays as i leave the house at 7 in the morning and get home between 5-7 in the evening. by the time I've done dinner and sat down, got my paperwork in order for Wednesdays, my brain is fried. However it good to be alive, especially after I had a little "Tango" with cancer a few years ago, I decided dying was not my cup of tea, esp not at 34! so I spend my time practice pulling the Law of attraction to & fro, keeping the positive kind energies flowing throughout my days :) and It works.

Anyway this week i've spent some time sharing my face book page Crafty'z Corner, i've liked lots of Handmade pages and offered to give a shout out to anyone who shares on my page and a few have! One page that i have liked does a lot of good work spreading the crafting love around, its a great place and has many lovely crafted items on show, have a look! The-Handmade-Promise.

 Its been lovely to see other crafters makes. I had a pic posted from Lacewings, they make some wonderful crochet bits, that look good enough to eat, so pop over and say Hi. I also had LadyK.Toppers pop by, they do fab card toppers so if your into card craft then id have a look at these.  we also had a visit from MyCraftyHobbie making lovely jewellery, And some supper cute little animal figures from animalcrackers73  there were a lot of likes to many to link to them all but if you got to my Crafty'z Corner page you will see all the lovely people and there crafts :) PLEASE MENTION CRAFTY'Z CORNER AND HELP SPREAD THE WORD SO I CAN KEEP GIVING SHOUT OUTS :)

 So on to me, time has been a bit tight this week but I've made a little elephant who i've called "Elle Flump" bits of her anatomy can be seen disembodied below!

Looks like Butchers shop

I also found a wonderful camper van egg cosy knitting pattern, i fell in love and purchased it from VW-Camper-Van-Stuff-at-Snuginadub, the pattern is clear and easy so i will be finishing this off tonight and i plan to get busy crafting since i have 2 weeks off of Uni!
**** UPDATE. Egg cosy finished it took about 1-2 hours and was very easy, a great pattern & great service from VW-Camper-Van-Stuff-at-Snuginadub i love it ! what do you think?

 I treated myself to a bag last week, one that will hold  my copious amounts of wool . i've been looking for a few weeks but found nothing i liked...until i come across this page Emmas-Sewing-Crafts, Emma was very helpful esp with my lack of ability in the measurement department! the service was quick and Emma even customized my bag with Buttons, (id love to have a bath full of Buttons).    So why not pop over and have a peek at some of her Bags :)

My lovely Bag with added Buttons....just for me ;)

 Well folks, my tired brain is about to switch off, i will be uploading my V.W egg cosy as soon as i make it  along with a post about life choices as seen through the eyes of Button Wilde.

Thanks for dropping by and if you want to see some real talent check out those links.
Button wilde x

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pushing water up hill!

Hello again :0 just a short blog. i've been thinking about having a place where i can have some interaction with other crafters. Its a lonely place to be and trying to find Crafterholics is a bit like "pushing water up hill", anyhow I come up with a face-book page. Its somewhere I can upload all my photos to and hopefully others will join in and share their makes too! I don't get much time to socialize really so the chance to chat to other people and here there crafting stories is pretty non existent...so please come and say hi to me :( are you feeling sorry for me yet??? at Crafty'z Corner and please feel free to upload some of your hand crafted goods.

After the completion of "The knitted camper van" I started to knit a 5" mouse, it was very easy and i learned how to knit a star in the process! it only took a few hours and the pattern was free, which made it all the more enjoyable to make.

 "Button Mouse"

I have also been able to make a bit of jewellery this week, but my fingers are still quite sore from all the wire work...I think I need to toughen up! I made a few Button rings and a simple Button Tiara ( I love buttons) I have so many ideas for button jewellery but I cant do it yet, as my hands split :( but I will be patient and take my time.

 Sadly i have lots of assignments to hand in over the next few weeks so i will only be making quick things for a while.

 I also have a lampshade that I can hear calling me....cant wait to get my hands on it, but id rather wait until I have more time to spare. Here is a picture of my last lamp shade dressing :) EVERYONE who visits us comments on how "Funky" it is.

Well thats it from me, thanks for dropping by and don't forget you can find me on fb at www.facebook.com/HandCraftedGoods or on Twitter @singblogger

Friday, 9 March 2012

"The Journey of the Camper Van"

Well its been fun trying my hand at all this making malarkey. since I last blogged I've got new coloured glasses which are wonderful, I'm able to read faster and spot spelling errors far more than previously so although it was an expense purchasing my Cerium coated dyslexic glasses it really was worth it. its even improved my knitting, I'm making less mistakes because I'm NOT reading the same line over!

Jar Floffle
So my first make of the week was another  "jar floffle" made for my Hubby to put in our recording studio. Wilde Rose Studio.

Since Jinian is a Singer/Vocalist working from home were able to open up his work Studio offering people the chance to have there Singing Experience professionally recorded by someone who has had lots of experience of  the music industry (inc. Chart Hits). Anyway i digress >>> shame theses glasses cant stop my waffle!

 It was also Jinian's Birthday this week, so I made a card from odd bit's of paper....a few years ago I made cards, amongst other things but all my equipment is now stored away in the loft so i made a very basic card with very limited equipment but it was made with love :)

I also knitted a Sheep for my Far away Nephew "Ryan". He has always been Sheep Bonkers, so I decided I'd try to knit him one.
It came out wonderful (with the exception of my sewing) so before being sent on an all inclusive trip to Lancaster to be with his new owner i decided to take Sheep out on a day trip.

 Now you are probably thinking I am mad, and maybe you are right. So sheep is now winging his way to Ryan.

I also started a new knitting project, as I'm unable to make rings and things at the moment (my fingers are splitting due to wire work)....I feel a digression occurring >>>>> A few months ago I thought I'd find a hobby so I had a friend Meany-Jar who was selling a jewelry making kit, I got it and fell in love with making things and buttons. Since then I've started knitting. I usually have such trouble switching off but when I get "crafty" I have head peace :). I'm a student studying Psychotherapy, it can be quite intense. Often I will become so engrossed with thinking that I "thunk it" all to bits, but when I make things I switch off for a while. My life has balance.

 As I was saying, before I so bloody annoyingly interrupted myself, I'm mid way through Knitting a "camper van" it is so cute, I cant wait for it to be finished...but I also don't want it to be finished because I'm enjoying "The Journey". Anyhow it will be a wonderful Door stop once completed.
Rear Window
Right side of camper van

And complete it Now is, it took me five days of on/off knitting. This camper van was knitted in three bits (the two sides were sewn onto the middle piece which is one long bit). It's the third thing I've knitted so far and I think it looks great, what do you think?

The Singing Blogger Camper Van
 I also found some amazing Buttons which will look cool on the
 van as wheels. they are wooden but have a print on them, and as soon as my hands are better I will be making some funky bracelets and necklaces with them.

Well thanks for taking the time to stop by, I'd love a few more followers so feel free to Join me on "The Journey of the Camper Van".

Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Balance of Knitted sanity & Dog fart!

Well its been a busy week or two but in between the chaos i have managed to make a few things, partly as a avoidance tactic from an assignment i had to complete as well as a distraction from a death anxiety..that I'm not even aware of having! i think it helps keep the balance between my heavy work load of psychoanalytical babel and creativity, enabling me to be reasonably sane .......mostly.

 Anyway what ever the reason i am absolutely loving making things, its the only thing i have for me, something i do not have to share :) except with my lovely Grandson "Ryley", who helps  organize my lovely Button collection...great times :).

It would seem I'm really good at making useless things, so I've made 4 knitted hearts, some flowers for my lamp,some knitting bunting (on going project) 1 granny square (more to follow) and a Button tiara...i have so many idea's in my head i don't know where to begin really...i have an idea for some wall art and some knitted greeting cards. i also plan to do some weaving (not physically of course!) anyway heres a few photos of my crafty moments of this past week.

 So I’m on a bit of a mission really to try as many crafty makes as I can…sadly I can’t sew, so if it needs sewing I often make a mess of it but practice makes perfect.

Talking of sewing, our young Dog Indi, needs her bum sewn up, she has some serious fart issues that I feel needs addressing, it’s so bad even SHE moves away from them! Obviously when you’re sat,  midway through a complex knitting maneuverer you can’t up and leave so often I’m sat there needles in hand, in a cloud of what can only be described as toxic gas.

Well thanks for taking the time to pop by. x

how funky is this??

the before buttons

Farty arse's new Button collor

1st Knitted hearts

Just cos its mega wonderful

My Fav Tiara to date :)

last time :)

the completed hearts.