Thursday, 31 May 2012

Come to good & Camper vans

 ********Knitted camper van competition********

well its been a while since i wrote a post and in that time i have had a fall out with knitting, then made up with knitting...I've traveled to Cornwall in a motor home, stayed on a farm for a long weekend. It was a lovely place called "come to good" and waking up next to a field of sheep and glorious sun was my idea of heaven :).

The motor home was really lovely too although we did struggle for space as the were four of us in it at time...i almost had a neurological melt down on a few occasions!

 however, it was a nice experience. we had fresh eggs for breakfast each morning & spent our time touring the land, come the evening my husband Jinian wilde, played his flutes and guitar as i was all rather lovely! Although i had to sleep like a Concertina, as the bed was made for dwarfs...... or double jointed folk, of which i am nether!

The previous weekend i spent in a convent in Suffolk, it was basic and quite and although i was with my colleagues, i felt a million miles away from the world....still, i gained some stillness from it and the food was was after this over indulgent trip that i decided that i was going to become a gainer of slimness so of i went to a well know club and committed myself to a eating plan moment! So one week in, i feel great, im focused and determined to lose this weight and ....drum roll please....I'm 3 1/2 lb lighter...bring on next week i say :) Its time i began to love my body again and this is the 1st step.

So back to crafting, i have seen some amazing pages on  facebook and here are a few that have stood out for me..... Bobs place  & Our Craft Shops  Both are great Networking sites.
Sun N Sparkles who makes wonderful bits, purses, bags etc. this is a wonderful page with some mega cute bits, its a must Ooak-Whimsical-Trolls-and-Fairies-Pixiediddles  and this is a funky page, true Handmade crafts Handmade by Bex and as always a Big shout out to The-Handmade-Promise for all there hard work.

I've made a camper van that is 12 inches x 9 inches (approx)

 and a miniature camper that is 12 cm x 9 cm, it was the 1st time i have knitted without a pattern and i think it looks so cute....and I'm thinking maybe one of you's would like to win it!!!

All you have to do is 
1. become a follower of this blog,  
***Please note this competition is open to only followers of this blog, so old or new followers, you can all enter!
2. leave your name and 
3. leave a comment at the end of this post.

 All your names will go into a hat and picked by a random picker! who ever is chosen will be notified (a notice will be put on the comments) and the Mini camper van will be sent to cool is that!

 I'm also just starting a pair of Baby Ugg boots while i still have a dinosaur on the go...true multi tasking!

I've also opened a shop with Esty, there's only a few items for sale at the moment and i will need to get some better photos of the products so its a work in progress..... i always have trouble putting prices on things, so id love some feed back on my prices (too expensive/cheap)
 ;)  so pop by and check it out Craftyz Corner shop.

Anyway you wonderful people I'm off, thanks for popping by and taking the time to have a read and good luck on the Mini Camper competition dont forget to become a follower via the button on the right ...and leave your name and a comment....winner will be drawn 14th June!

*******OK the winner has been drawn by my lovely Grandson.....drum roll please........  So Jojo email me your address ~ you can contact me on

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Feathers in a flap!!

wow what a mad month its been...ive been stressed, moody and had no time for crafting...but thats all over now :) till September :D which means i can get my craft on once again!!!
 i had a lovely surprise 2 weeks ago i won a competition ran by the lovely Handmade by H, and i was so pleased with my prizes seen below. in fact i was so impressed with the quality of my prizes i have ordered a cuff :) as soon as it arrives i will put up a pic :)

I have managed to make a few bits , i made a Budgie, which took about 2 hours to make and was very easy.

 i have also been knitting a Amish Doll, it's traditional not to put a face on the doll. this chap took me ages to knit he is about 14-16 inches tall. although he is great i don't think i would knit him again as i got bored and wished i hadn't started him :( i think he would be better if he was about 7 inches tall, personally..... so i spent ages knitting this chap only for my Dog to chew him up the day after i had finished him!!
tending to his 'erbs
 i also still have Queenie and her royal flush popping up every so often...bound to happen given that its soon to be jubilee time!

Queenie made by me & the loo made by alithealiencrochet

i have also made a few gnomes one of which is seen below, one has been called Norman and is going to hang around in a car as a career  :)

i have also made Lady Nibbles, she is to be joined by her Husband lord Nibbles very soon :)
and i also have just started a Knitted camper van for a customer, so hopefully that will be ready in a few weeks ;)

So as you can see i have been de-stressing with lots of small projects. id just like to give a few shout outs to some pages on face book and some blogs that i feel give that little bit extra.
Firstly we have lacewings a really lovely page for great crafting :)
pale moon creation for wonderful beads, & jewellery
and Creative-Knits whos a page after my own heart :)) and of course not forgetting where you can find me..... Crafty'z Corner
 i'm also on twitter singing blogger, however be warned i am not sane and often post some random rumblings!! as for other Blogs,why not pop over to  to see some amazing scarfs and other bits and bobs  and while your on a roll pop by and say Hi to green-dragonette.blogspot.  who's recipes are wonderful, funny how they both contain two of my favorite subjects!! lol.
thanks for popping by and i hope you've enjoyed my ramblings :)  Button Wilde x  ( p.s apologizes for lack of correct grammar and caps etc...but time was limited whilst i wrote this latest Blog )