Monday, 20 February 2012

It Cost Buttons!

First knitted flower :)

A "Jar Floffle"
I've been having a  5 day big make and yesterday was the last day, i made some rings, a knitted sun flower, some "jar floffles" (a made up word) and i decorated a photo frame :) it was a most enjoyable few days. Sadly my time of freedom has come to an structured end so i must get back into the humdrum minion of work & University, but i will still be making things :D

Simple Embellishments

 Anyhow a few people have asked to buy some of the Button Rings (which everyone comments on when you where it) and since im no expert & there easy to make ive been toying with the idea of selling them....for BUTTONS! this would make me so happy :D
So each ring is paid for in full by double the Buttons used...& for those who really want to pay they can Donate TO A CHARITY!
So if you order a Ring and want 3 coloured buttons on it, the price would be 6 Coloured Buttons! that way i get to make more things and have new Buttons <<<< addicted to Buttons!
 I think my next project will be a Button Tiara & a Button Bangle, what do you think?


More Buttons
sunflower with Button of course :)

Pink & Green Button Ring

Wooden Button Ring

A gathering of Button Rings

Friday, 17 February 2012

Im hooked!

I've been to town and hit the craft now a poor woman!

 I got some wool, Buttons, cottons, patterns, Buttons & ribbons & some more Buttons.
 Anyway i purchased a lovely dk wool to knit a Jar sleeve,  but sadly lost concentration and had to restart it all over again so that can not be my make of Day 3 "make a day" challenge but i did make a few more Button Rings, it would seem EVERYONE loves a button!

 I have received such good feed back about these rings.

What do you think?

Marmite them or Hate them!
I'm also going to attempt to make a knitted sunflower...don't hold your breath tho!
My daughter is also making things so as soon as she has finished her cushions i will post a pic on here, she is a mean seamstress :) she also makes Bags and Dresses and there great.

I have to say I'm a "newbie" to Twitter & i love it, they are such a great group of people on there who have all made me feel very welcome, so Thank You x

Right I'm of to start knitting again, with a knitting count phone app <<< as recommended by a fellow Twitter, while my lovely husband is Singing away in the Recording Studio.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Giraffe Ears & Hyena's anger.

Warning * Crazy info
Some of you may already know what i mean when i say " i need my Giraffe ears on.... its my way of listening in a non judging, non critical open way. I got the idea from a non violent communication coach, it was a awe inspiring moment for me when i accepted full responsibility for what ears i put on each day!

 You see by Default I'm a "Hot Head" also known as a "Hyena" its taken me this long in my life to get to a place where i can keep calm and not react, until that is, i put on hyena ears. Hyena ears only hear accusations and criticisms they do not hear what is really being said.... Hyenas have short legs you see, so the information hits there ears before they've had a chance to get composed, they also have to feed of others to survive, we all know a Hyena who feels the need to say negative things (power stealer).

Often when someone is being critical or disrespectful its because they feel frustrated, insecure or hurt.....well sadly we can all bring out each others insecurities but if your able to own the very base of you issue, you change from a Hyena to a Giraffe!

 Giraffes do not blame or accuse, nor do they accept blame or accusations from others, but they do listen and what they hear when someone is reacting, is that the reactor is having trouble accepting something or why would a giraffe get reactive just because someone is having a hard time?

Even when the Hyena's having a hard time because the Giraffe is being calm. it is never about the Giraffes calmness but about the Hyena's inability to be calm in that moment < THAT IS LISTENING WITH GIRAFFE EARS!

Naturally Giraffes have a element of tallness about them, this allows there ears to have time to listen to what is truly being spoken. it also allows them to have a better view of what is happening  around them.

like i said, its not always easy for me to be a Giraffe but i do try, i make a much happier Giraffe than i do Hyena!

Button It!!!

Well its day two in the singing blogger house, and i went on a hunt with my sister to find some buttons and i found some, big ones, small ones, different coloured ones, i'm glad i found some as i was just about to take scissors to my clothes (not good in December) *its Feb :/ I have a new found love of Buttons, i don't even know why but i am obsessed! Anyway lots of people commented on the button ring i was wearing (not everyone's cup of tea) but on the whole it was a success and i had great company to boot!
Anyhow here is my Two makes of Day Two

Felt Embellishment with Gems and a Button, of course!

Brighten up a Photo frame in less than an hour!

Bit messy but i will improve...wont i?

I sewed these onto an old worn out throw.

The Button Flower was so easy!
So there you have it, i need to practice my needle work but for now i think buttons are my thing as is card and beads/gems. May fancy up a coat hanger tomorrow, will there be buttons involved ? yes.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Buttons n Bits

wow what a day!
I finally set up a Twitter account yesterday @singblogger. I have hunted for Crafters and Crafters i did find!

Anyhow i have made a pact with myself to have a "makafon", so i going to making a Crafty item everyday   until Sunday :). Not sure what I'm going to do with the items i make..i may give them all away, even hold a crafty Competition for all my fellow followers on Twitter!

 Here is my 1st of my "Make one a day" make......Drum Roll Please............

Button Rings one with a wave band & pearl

Multi Button Ring

back of Rings show how wire has been worked!

Cross over in center of large button gives a wishbone effect

So it’s happened I have made a Button Ring. There great fun and easy to make and I adore them, so it’s got me thinking a bit what else can I make? As you can see there an easy design, I’d like to make my next one with a bright coloured button and  with beads on maybe…who knows. 

Tomorrow I may make some Button earrings to match! I also have an idea in my head for an old fabric belt…I may just give it a new leases of life and make it into a piece of wall art…I just need some more fabrics. So keep an eye out for that! Please feel free to leave any comments on my Guest book  (right side bar) and if you have any Orphan Buttons i would love to give them a new family :) just drop me a line  x

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

My how the Universe speaks!

Valentines Day is here and my Husband made me Breakfast in bed & i received a card Handmade by Marianne's craft room, so i had a lovely morning.

 I've also had a bit of a change around on the blog site today, as i want it to be more movable. id  like to know how i go about finding & following other peoples crafty blogs I'm sure there is a real simple way...I've just not seen it yet! so any advice would be greatly received.

A Tangle Ring in the making :)
 I've only made a few bits this week and since I've been in a bit of a new age kinda mood the crafty bits that i made reflected that. The Ring  on the Mandrel was easy to make, the hardest bit was to make the ring shank more sturdy. i managed to do this by doubling  the wire round the mandrel, from a 2 loop to  4 loop. then i started the wire work & bead threading.

Weave Ring

Thumb Ring
The Weave Ring was an easy design wrapping the wire round the Mandrel 3 times putting on the desired beads, then using pliers to curve the front of the ring to create a Weaving pattern

Thumb Ring & Weave Ring
Next on the list was a Simple bead design using a double Tiara, i used 0.04 wire & thread the tiny beads on, it was quite relaxing, even though our dogs were running around like things from a Benny Hill sketch!!
simple design.

Anyhow i decided to make a Ring to match, A Swirl Ring, that is in the shape of a figure 8. This is symbol for prosperity and is said to attract money & good fortune. So ill let you know!!

So in between all this making I’ve been doing some thinking (surprise, surprise) and it started with self-reflection, I’ve felt lost and bereft these past few weeks. there has been a deep sense of loss at the very core of me, a feeling I have only ever felt once before (when my Mam passed away) so to stop us all feeling suicidal and boring you to submission I shall tell a long process short! I started to go back to my basic core beliefs, letting go of all I had become and believe that life has an energy of its own and that life communicates with us every day…we just need to listen. My own leap of faith!

Anyhow its been freezing this past week and a plant that belonged to my mother was in the conservatory- it froze, I noticed the leaves had turned black, when I brought it into the house it began to flop and collapse , i thought  at least if it was still in the conservatory  it would look alive, but that is no answer and deep down id know it was dying! I had no choice but to do the very thing I had to do within myself….cut it back to basics, it was so hard to cut the broken washed out steams from my Mams plant, but I had to do it. I’m tending to its needs at the moment, watering it, keeping it warm and loving it….this was so mirrored what was happening to me on an internal level.

There have been lots of times I have had the universe speak to me, one particular time I recall was I had recently become single and had taken myself away for a few days, as I walked along the beach front, thinking of how I may never experience true love, I saw some work lorries driving in the sand and In the sand I saw the tyres had made two hearts, I couldn’t believe it, I took a pic (below) and thought "wow if my Mam was here now!", I turned to look at the beach huts only to face one called “me & thee” a saying my Mam often said! I was gob smacked. The universe was talking to me once again, a few months later I contacted my 1st real love and now we’re married.

Obviously now is a time when i need to change my perspective on life & it happens to coincide with my colorimeter testing i had done last week, i looked through a machine and they placed coloured lights onto some text and i had to choose which colours worked best for me, some where awful, some where ok, some i couldn't even see!  Anyhow it topped up i need purple lenses to help with my vision,as soon as the glasses are here i will have a new perspective on things lmao!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Singing songs & snow blind cats

Well its been a while since i last posted and in that time I've been in a sad and reflective mood space so i decided to busy myself by making shiny things. there are 2 more Tiara's, 3 rings and 1 necklace. I had my first attempt at making a spoon ring, it took some time as i didn't have the appropriate tools but it was fun. I have a design in my head for the next spoon ring so once i have myself a welding tool and some flux i shall get set to making it...there is an alchemist within each of us!

Tangle Ring
Spoon Ring
Heart necklace
Swirl Tiara
funky Tiara
last few makes

This morning when i awoke i looked out my window to see one of our cats (Devon) gingerly walking around in the snow like a stiff legged camel. she seemed lost so i opened the door and called her...she turned away and staggered into the parked car!! she looked petrified, bless her. i stepped into the snow- knee high, with nothing more than a dressing gown and slippers on- in an attempt to rescue her. by this time she had managed to shuffle under the car! i went in and told jin he came down to the front  door and called her, her eyes were not focused on anything just wide and staring, very carefully she smelt my footsteps in the snow and stepped in each one until she was at the front door. it would seem our cat is suffering from "Snow Blindness" to much uv light hitting her retina. as soon as she stepped indoors she was fine! it was the most oddest thing. she must have been trying to find her way home for ages...needless to say she will be staying indoors until the snow decides to melt.

 I also spent some time in the Wilde Rose Studio this afternoon singing a song for my Grandson "Ryley" I'm having it put onto a C.D as a keepsake for Ryley, i was there when he was born (only just, due to masses of Chemo!) and this song was playing so the song hold special meaning for me.


Anyway  if you fancy a listen just follow the link  "The Greatest Day".

Right im off, im hopeing the snow clears enough for me to get to  Attleborough where I'm being  tested for some Dyslexic colour lenses ;) fingers crossed!