About me!

Well I am a mother of 5 children ranging from 23-9 years old and I'm a "Nana" to one :) 2 of my children go to university and one goes to college, I obviously love them completely but have no idea how I survived while they were all toddlers!

I am happily married and I live in Norfolk.  I'm a believer of universal language and synchronization phenomenon..... I'm just going into my fourth year of Psychotherapy training, so as well as being at university 2 days a week I also work in a Counselling Service seeing clients from all walk of life.

I am the youngest of 4 and was born in Essex, I moved to Norfolk 12 years ago. I am also in recovery from Breast cancer, I was diagnosed when I was 35, it was then I made a promise to myself...that I will not eat  meat or put anything that has suffered trauma into my body, ever again (i felt my cancer was a symptom of my own negative thoughts and life choices). I have a mad house full of pets and a passion for Buttons. I suffer from all the usual types of stress and strains in life but I try (when i can) to use my giraffe ears :) this stops me from reacting to people who press my buttons! <<<< there's that lovely word again!!

I don't do friends much as I'm a bit of a loner..."socially retarded" may be one way to describe me lol. However I do have a handful of people who I call my friends and I love them dearly.
As mentioned I spend a lot of time studying serious stuff at Uni, so to balance my life I make things, usually useless things...but I find this gives me peace.

It would seem there is two sides to me (at least), the one who is the sensible, calm, congruent, receptive, intellectual & psychologically adapt in society's structure (thats how i view my persona from an Internal point of view!!) and the mad, bonkers crafterholic who fixates on buttons & walks around acting like a plank (how people may view me from an external view point) lol ...but thats just me and I embrace both parts of who I am. I admire many people, especially those who stand for what they believe in and I would really love to make some new crafty friendships in this new exciting chapter of my life ;)

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