Friday, 17 February 2012

Im hooked!

I've been to town and hit the craft now a poor woman!

 I got some wool, Buttons, cottons, patterns, Buttons & ribbons & some more Buttons.
 Anyway i purchased a lovely dk wool to knit a Jar sleeve,  but sadly lost concentration and had to restart it all over again so that can not be my make of Day 3 "make a day" challenge but i did make a few more Button Rings, it would seem EVERYONE loves a button!

 I have received such good feed back about these rings.

What do you think?

Marmite them or Hate them!
I'm also going to attempt to make a knitted sunflower...don't hold your breath tho!
My daughter is also making things so as soon as she has finished her cushions i will post a pic on here, she is a mean seamstress :) she also makes Bags and Dresses and there great.

I have to say I'm a "newbie" to Twitter & i love it, they are such a great group of people on there who have all made me feel very welcome, so Thank You x

Right I'm of to start knitting again, with a knitting count phone app <<< as recommended by a fellow Twitter, while my lovely husband is Singing away in the Recording Studio.

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