Thursday, 16 February 2012

Giraffe Ears & Hyena's anger.

Warning * Crazy info
Some of you may already know what i mean when i say " i need my Giraffe ears on.... its my way of listening in a non judging, non critical open way. I got the idea from a non violent communication coach, it was a awe inspiring moment for me when i accepted full responsibility for what ears i put on each day!

 You see by Default I'm a "Hot Head" also known as a "Hyena" its taken me this long in my life to get to a place where i can keep calm and not react, until that is, i put on hyena ears. Hyena ears only hear accusations and criticisms they do not hear what is really being said.... Hyenas have short legs you see, so the information hits there ears before they've had a chance to get composed, they also have to feed of others to survive, we all know a Hyena who feels the need to say negative things (power stealer).

Often when someone is being critical or disrespectful its because they feel frustrated, insecure or hurt.....well sadly we can all bring out each others insecurities but if your able to own the very base of you issue, you change from a Hyena to a Giraffe!

 Giraffes do not blame or accuse, nor do they accept blame or accusations from others, but they do listen and what they hear when someone is reacting, is that the reactor is having trouble accepting something or why would a giraffe get reactive just because someone is having a hard time?

Even when the Hyena's having a hard time because the Giraffe is being calm. it is never about the Giraffes calmness but about the Hyena's inability to be calm in that moment < THAT IS LISTENING WITH GIRAFFE EARS!

Naturally Giraffes have a element of tallness about them, this allows there ears to have time to listen to what is truly being spoken. it also allows them to have a better view of what is happening  around them.

like i said, its not always easy for me to be a Giraffe but i do try, i make a much happier Giraffe than i do Hyena!

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