As I'm Dyslexic I often use metaphor and imagery in my everyday language...have you ever looked into a Dyslexics head!! it's Bonkers. I have a visual narrative running constantly in my head, which is quite amusing.... for example if someone Say's..."Oh I've had enough it takes two to tango" I have an image instantly, of two cartoon charters, one stood with arms poised in Tango position and the other character storming off!

Anyhow I often use phrases like "talking left & walking right" meaning someone who seems not to be doing what they say they are, or "looking in the rear view mirror means we cant see where were going or where we are now!" obviously means...let go of the past and stop surrendering to its power. You will hear me mention Giraffe  and Hyena ears as explained here giraffe-ears-hyenas-anger.

As well as many more metaphoric thoughts, which  may change as I try not to hold on to anything so I can be receptive to new insights. I could be classed a hypocrite  :) but id rather see it as my thoughts are like stones on a beach, some get taken out into the tide and lost ,others are pushed in by the sea, some are hidden in the sand, yet to surface and some are just there.... it stands to reason when our level of consciousness expands, when the sea feeds into an ocean there will be more stones appear.

 So theses are "Button-isms" they are Basically my take on people,things and life, they are the tools that I carry around with me to make sense of this crazy world were in. I'm not really sure if anyone is going to be interested in my thinking patterns but I thought id put it out there and see. So as time progresses I shall be sharing some of my "Button-isms" on this page.
Thanks for taking the time out to read, have a good day.

Button Wilde x

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