Sunday, 29 January 2012


Have you ever tried your best to be a patient kind person towards someone who is a narcissistic angry individual (Arse)? i have to use all my humanistic rational tools just to stop me from reacting! At best they cause a negative energy & at worst they show up your own failings when you fail to refrain from reacting to them! These people get right under my skin and can make me become so contorted with anger! However having trained in the field of Psychotherapy i know what i just said is utter rubbish (so i cant even pretend I'm ignorant), no one has the power to contort my being with rage. The responsibility (of MY honorable behavior) lies with me, i have full control over my actions- unless i am suddenly struck by some neurological synapse dissonance! so let me put my Therapist head on and look at this situation.

I am unable to control the actions of others - true

I obviously have a level of expectation with regards to what i deem as acceptable behavior - True

When my expectations of others behavior is not met, i want to react (using all types of behavior that i deem unacceptable) thus making me not only judgmental but a total hypocrite...see how i changed that round?

Now who's the Arse?    me!

It's fair to say it gives me the hump having to accept responsibility for my actions but the flip side of this is that no one has the power to make me behave in such a way that i feel is unacceptable! So you see, i have the power, regardless of how many Arse's i met on my journey. There may even be times when i have a game of "metaphoric tennis" with an Arse, they may belt the ball at me and i in my infinite wisdom may choose to put my racket down and smile... or not!

Anyway enough of that, i had a great weekend, my husband and i went to Reepham, a lovely little village. there was much Syncronicity as to how we arrived at the Hotel  & it was a much needed break. while we was there i decided to take photographs of objects that resembled  faces, so i will be making a face album for them soon. I also made another Tiara, as you can see, i have much Improved so I'm a happy bunny.

Maxwell and i also spent some quality time together, Max made a Mum brooch for me, which i love and i made some earnings. We had such a good time making things, its in those moments i realize just how blessed i really am to be here.
Tangle Earing

Mum Brooch


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