Monday, 20 February 2012

It Cost Buttons!

First knitted flower :)

A "Jar Floffle"
I've been having a  5 day big make and yesterday was the last day, i made some rings, a knitted sun flower, some "jar floffles" (a made up word) and i decorated a photo frame :) it was a most enjoyable few days. Sadly my time of freedom has come to an structured end so i must get back into the humdrum minion of work & University, but i will still be making things :D

Simple Embellishments

 Anyhow a few people have asked to buy some of the Button Rings (which everyone comments on when you where it) and since im no expert & there easy to make ive been toying with the idea of selling them....for BUTTONS! this would make me so happy :D
So each ring is paid for in full by double the Buttons used...& for those who really want to pay they can Donate TO A CHARITY!
So if you order a Ring and want 3 coloured buttons on it, the price would be 6 Coloured Buttons! that way i get to make more things and have new Buttons <<<< addicted to Buttons!
 I think my next project will be a Button Tiara & a Button Bangle, what do you think?


More Buttons
sunflower with Button of course :)

Pink & Green Button Ring

Wooden Button Ring

A gathering of Button Rings

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