Saturday, 14 April 2012

Karmic Prices & Royal loo!

I've had a wonderful 2 weeks off, and in that time i have decorated an old lampshade, spent time with my lovely grandson, had an visit from one of my daughters on leave from Falmouth Uni (she leaves today) i knitted a gnome, the Queen and shared and shouted about Crafty'z Corner.
 So lets start with my Mothers day...i was given the most wonderful gift from Demi, she had been learning guitar for a few months whilst at Uni and had come home to see us all, unknown to me she had practicing a song for me! she and my Husband went into our Vocal Booth  and  Demi sung & Playing guitar and this was the end result....Demi singing!. It meant so much to me, and she done a great job too!

As mentioned i made a lampshade into a lovely Lampshade, i'm useless at sewing so i thought this would give me some practice.
It also feeds my love of Button visuals, having lots of lovely Buttons around the place helps lift my moods  ;)

i have also spent time socializing on line, i have come across some amazing talent and really enjoy the support surrounding my facebook page.

 I also had some sales for  the knitted bits on my page, im useless with putting prices on things and as i enjoy making things, i decided to have an "offer me fair price" system...that way people offer what they feel is fair and i get to make some lovely bits :).... i also know without a shadow of doubt that if something is done with a Good Energy you will have good energy returned. for me its a Karmic thing too!  (a whole new post).

I also made a Mouse for a Twitter friend @wobblymouse and for some customers :)
These mice are so cute, they are approx 4 inches & i really love making fact i'm going to be making onces with there own unique style.

I also made a Gnome who  is approx 8 inches top to bottom , only 3 inches when sat, he is cute, i have quite a few orders for this little fella. They are available in different colours and sizes 14,16,18 cm when sat.

mmm now what else have i made?.... oh i made The Queen, not bad for a first attempt, i thought it would be a great idea to knit her a Thrown too but i couldn't find a pattern, however a lovely lady from alithealiencrochet offered to make one for i'm excited and jumping up and down as i wait for it to arrive in the post... anyhow being as nosey as i am i went  to look at her craft page and WOW! the woman is a crocheting star... have a look! 

Hear is Queenie......

Made By @crafty'z Corner
 & Here is a photo of her to follow :) all i need to do now is find the Queen some knickers!
Made By
I must say a Big Thank You to The Hand Made Promise, she has been doing some amazing work on face book & Twitter @HandmadePromise. I try to give as many shout outs as i can to them as i really want to keep  Handmade crafting live!

I've also had some lovely shout outs from the gorgeous Jeany from meanyjar Her work is really lovely and her Blog is informative, interesting and an inspiration!
 why not check out these lovely crafts people will find something for everyone.

Well one last thing...i also spent some time in the Studio last week and i recorded a Adele Song, have a listen Button-singing-lovesong-adele/  i really enjoyed always ;)

Now its almost time for me to get back into university and client work:) so that means less time to make things :( ...until May8th when I'm finished for 12 weeks!!!! (fireworks,flashing lights and cartwheels happening).

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Washing line opinions!

I've been walking around watching people over the last few days and it seems to me that we got a lot of suspicious people. I can understand it, i suppose long gone are the days when you could trust your neighbors ect. But honestly i find it sad when people are distrusting of a good deed or honest offer of help....... there is a huge price we are all paying for the dishonest folk in this world!

Anyhow i feel better for saying that.

On a more cheerful note i was sat people watching the other day and my thoughts turned to life and death ;) (has to be one of my fav subjects) i realized that we are all walking through our life carrying our rotten, decaying bodies with us, until we reach the end / beginning (as you can see this is a cheerful  post) and i likened our life to that that is seen all across nature, we grow, we bloom, we fade, we die...but from the moment we are existing we are on a decline. i must say my view on all this is probably warped!

Death is so hard to accept, losing someone is one of the worst experience i have ever gone through, but i have grown through it, i have far more respect and patience and appreciation for the here and now than i have ever had and i have learned that memories are life's gift, not a curse.

Back onto people again, i have listened to a few people this week giving their opinions, ^ myself included!!  and i had an image of a washing line with clothes (opinions) flapping around in the wind. obviously the clothes (opinions) on the line get changed with time, now depending on how windy it is (their social influence) depends on how much the clothes  (their opinions) flap about, sometimes their clothes are not pegged on securely and they just hang (weak opinions), sometimes its so windy their clothes fly off the washing line and head straight into someone else's garden and that is when the trouble starts, when that happens the only thing to do is pick up your clothing and leave,it's NOT your garden and you have NO right airing your laundry in it. <<<< and that is my opinion, my word, thats a paradoxical statement!

Button Ark!

I am the Queen of multi tasking, I have 7 knitting projects on the go, well 3 now as i just finished 4!
Barbra the Pig

Im knitting a purple and green dragon for my lovely husband, a cushion cover that I have been knitting for about 2 months, 3 mice, two for a customer  & one for @wobblymouse,  (who has a great  wobbly mouse Blog ), a pig and a T Rex for my grandson. I must say the T. Rex is a nightmare pattern and it has been a long slow process. the instructions are bonkers so I'm having to use my mind reading skills, (so the T Rex may  look more like a green camel, who knows?) could also be my knitting skills are still not great as I have only been knitting for a few months :( personally I prefer to believe its the dodge pattern!

....So I'm referring to a great little book as seen below.

My godsend Book!
this is so sweet ;0

She is waiting for her two sisters ;0)

United by wool!

The body was knitted all in one.
 I have also been writing up an assignment...that is a working progress, and just in case any of my tutors are following my blog here is proof that I have been working.
proof that i also work hard!

 It also shows my funky Dyslexic glasses, I am so amazed by the difference the coloured lenses have made, I'm able to remember words and spellings and I read quicker, I have almost halved my study time just by having the cerium lenses. Sadly I have to were them all the time to help with spacial awareness as I was forever banging into things and as I'm short sighted and long sighted I need prescription lenses to see. ( I look like a  trippy Susan Boyle with psychodelic shades on!)

 Not only have they improved my written work but my knitting has fewer mistakes as im not reading the same lines over and over again ;)

people have gone bonkers over this little fella!

So thats all i have for now but i will be  putting up a new post very soon and i will be mentioning some of the crafters from our face book page Crafty'z corner, pop over and show your work off and you may get a shout out on here - and this Blog feeds into my Twitter account the singing blogger so all my followers will have access to your work too ;) why am i doing this i here you ask, one, i get more interaction on here and two, i really enjoy sharing all your crafty why not?