Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Buttons n Bits

wow what a day!
I finally set up a Twitter account yesterday @singblogger. I have hunted for Crafters and Crafters i did find!

Anyhow i have made a pact with myself to have a "makafon", so i going to making a Crafty item everyday   until Sunday :). Not sure what I'm going to do with the items i make..i may give them all away, even hold a crafty Competition for all my fellow followers on Twitter!

 Here is my 1st of my "Make one a day" make......Drum Roll Please............

Button Rings one with a wave band & pearl

Multi Button Ring

back of Rings show how wire has been worked!

Cross over in center of large button gives a wishbone effect

So it’s happened I have made a Button Ring. There great fun and easy to make and I adore them, so it’s got me thinking a bit what else can I make? As you can see there an easy design, I’d like to make my next one with a bright coloured button and  with beads on maybe…who knows. 

Tomorrow I may make some Button earrings to match! I also have an idea in my head for an old fabric belt…I may just give it a new leases of life and make it into a piece of wall art…I just need some more fabrics. So keep an eye out for that! Please feel free to leave any comments on my Guest book  (right side bar) and if you have any Orphan Buttons i would love to give them a new family :) just drop me a line  x


  1. Ooh, they are lovely!! Can you make one for me to buy please, with a coloured button?

  2. i can. single or multi button & what colours, oh and size :)

    1. Oooh, multi please...greens and pinks! Ring size N! Thanks Meeny!!