Sunday, 29 January 2012


Have you ever tried your best to be a patient kind person towards someone who is a narcissistic angry individual (Arse)? i have to use all my humanistic rational tools just to stop me from reacting! At best they cause a negative energy & at worst they show up your own failings when you fail to refrain from reacting to them! These people get right under my skin and can make me become so contorted with anger! However having trained in the field of Psychotherapy i know what i just said is utter rubbish (so i cant even pretend I'm ignorant), no one has the power to contort my being with rage. The responsibility (of MY honorable behavior) lies with me, i have full control over my actions- unless i am suddenly struck by some neurological synapse dissonance! so let me put my Therapist head on and look at this situation.

I am unable to control the actions of others - true

I obviously have a level of expectation with regards to what i deem as acceptable behavior - True

When my expectations of others behavior is not met, i want to react (using all types of behavior that i deem unacceptable) thus making me not only judgmental but a total hypocrite...see how i changed that round?

Now who's the Arse?    me!

It's fair to say it gives me the hump having to accept responsibility for my actions but the flip side of this is that no one has the power to make me behave in such a way that i feel is unacceptable! So you see, i have the power, regardless of how many Arse's i met on my journey. There may even be times when i have a game of "metaphoric tennis" with an Arse, they may belt the ball at me and i in my infinite wisdom may choose to put my racket down and smile... or not!

Anyway enough of that, i had a great weekend, my husband and i went to Reepham, a lovely little village. there was much Syncronicity as to how we arrived at the Hotel  & it was a much needed break. while we was there i decided to take photographs of objects that resembled  faces, so i will be making a face album for them soon. I also made another Tiara, as you can see, i have much Improved so I'm a happy bunny.

Maxwell and i also spent some quality time together, Max made a Mum brooch for me, which i love and i made some earnings. We had such a good time making things, its in those moments i realize just how blessed i really am to be here.
Tangle Earing

Mum Brooch


Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mucking fuddles!

My husband (Jinian) and i finally managed to get out the front door yesterday (I'm sure we was wearing concrete slippers) , anyhow, we went to Kings Lynn, where there seemed to be an abundance of people with either very short fringes or very low eyebrows!! 
* no offense to anyone from Kings Lynn or people with high fringes or low eyebrows!

We was on a hunt for some crafty bits & a new stool for our Recording studio (more about that later). it was all rather nice and not too busy, we managed to find everything we was looking for and came home. By the time we got in and put the shopping away it was late so i had no time to do anything crafty :( but today, once time had decided to goat << (hahaha that should say go at) normal speed and i donned my vacant head on and  i finally managed to start making :).

Last night i had a dream of how to make a tiara, so this afternoon i made one, its been a good few years since i tried my hand at tiara making so it could all have turned into one big mess,as it happened its not turned out to bad. im not to happy with the beading on the band base, it was extremely tricky to do and took the longest out of all of it!  I've now thought of an easier way to place the beads upon it so i may dismantle this tiara and start again or just do another one.

.......So while i was busy making things, Jinian was putting the finishing touches to the Wilde Rose Studio, we've had quite quite a bit of work done in there over the Christmas period and its now almost complete, thank god. with a brand new vocal booth we are able to offer recording sessions at affordable prices for vocalists and acoustic artist's. Jinian is the perfect person for all kinds of advice and vocal tuition as he has a vast amount of experience in the music industry including this as well as loads more music projects over the years :)

  Random information
  *  Warning not for under 18's.
 I've just worked out why I'm so moody after dinner times.... i cant stand drying up and putting away. it gives me the right hump! As does getting my words muddled (dyslexic speech), i was in the vets some years ago  and i meant to ask for a "fun cat pack", nothing funny in that i hear you cry!
well do me a favor swap the at in cat and place it in front of the F in fun now say out loud!!! yep you got it, embarrassing, I'm always doing it.

My dad told me  dyslexic  are clever as they see things in a multitude of ways..... i think he was just being kind :( still, nice try dad. maybe i should tell that to my tutor who keeps pointing out that my assignments do not flow clearly.

Being Dyslexic does have its bonuses, I'm excellent at word searches, i can see faces and images in almost everything, and i can read upside down and backwards ( faster than reading normally)........ I JUST CANT STRUCTURE A SENTENCE!

Anyway i have digressed from what i was saying...which is another dyslexic trait!! Well I'm now off to do the poxy drying up :( thanks for reading x

Friday, 20 January 2012

If theres a God , she is a she!

Gaining a weight loss

For the past few years i have gone through many changes including a weight gain, as anyone who has ever been overweight will know, it's not nice being big, so i am on a mission to change my large and baggy body into one that has more svelteness * purposely choosing a "gaining" word (positive affirmation) than a "loss" word (negative reinforcement). 

There are some bonuses to being large,for example,when i buy clothes i get more material for my cash and i  save an absolute bomb on my water bill since i only need to  fill my bath half way and as an added Bonus...I'm able to block peoples vision when I'm punching in my debit card number at the checkout, thus reducing my chances of card fraud.

Of course this is all said tongue in cheek, I'd love to get back to my ideal weight, so three weeks ago i joined a slimming group and so far I've gained 10lb of loss :)  not only am i hoping to gain slimness but I'm hoping it will increase my confidence as well as my health. Some days my body has trouble moving this extra 4 stone around, I'm just thankful my dairy-air is at the back of me so i don't have to see it!!! God  must have been a Woman!

Anyway (change of topic) as for the Rabbits....still no bunnies, it looks like she was just going through the motions :( it wasn't a wasted exercise though, she managed to get a new hutch all to herself for a week! Right me and my 10lb svelter body are off, be sure to drop by again & thanks for reading.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cods wallop & Shiny things

I thought I'd share a bit of my past with you. About 4 years ago I was in the business of making wedding box cakes, it was a great experience and business went well. I worked from home with a friend, creating boxed wedding cakes. I used many materials such as gems,beads flowers and ribbons. I would decorate the individual cake slice boxes to look like an iced cake, then when I had built the stands and tiered the boxes I would take it down to Basildon where a cake maker would fill the individual boxes with wedding cake and she would place a cake on the top tier for the happy couple to cut or keep. (Please see photos) I also made the odd cake topper,wedding bouquet's & tiara's.

I must say I loved the work, it was so therapeutic. It was extremely time consuming too :( however its still something I would do again if I had the time and space. Anyhow I've been thinking of finding a hobby that I can put down and pick up when my time permits and as luck would have it a friend of mine from meanyjar was selling a jewelery making kit so I have decided to try my hand at that ;) so as soon as I decide what to make I shall put a post and show my handy work ;) Anyhow, thanks for reading and if you like the Blog you can make my day by clicking the follow button.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Rabino Bambinos...or not?

After a real whirlwind Romance, a house move and the fleeing of 2 of my grown up children, i was feeling slightly Barren so Jin and i decided to get serious and extend our family in the form of 3 extra large Rabbits :)

We had a section of our garden cornered off and bought a large plastic Dog Kennel to be used as a Hutch for our Bunnies, all was well and our bunnies we're Happy Bunnies. However it all turned into a bit of a mission really, since the rabbits were out 24/7 they managed to create an escape tunnel into the neighbors garden, so there we were, me, Jin and two Neighbors running around the Street in the dark, trying to catch them all.

We finally got them and invested in a 6ft deluxe Rabbit Hutch, much to the bunnies disgust!  You would think that would be the end of the tale, but oh the Rabbits are almost fully grown now and all seems to be going well.....until, i look out the window only to see our Innocent cute Bunnies making WHOOPEE, i get on line and do some research apparently females behave in this way with each other as a sign of dominance, my mind is put at ease and  i think no more of it.

Two weeks later one Bunnie is growling when handled and starts to pull fur from her belly and begins to make a nest in her hutch, we panic and place the said Bunnie into her own Hutch just in case she Kindles (gives birth) and the other rabbits hurt the Kits (baby's). That was 3 days ago and still no sign of tiny feet. I suppose if its going to happen it will do anytime now.

we still have the two other rabbits hutched together, new hutches are on order, but we still don't know who, if any of them is the daddy!!  As you can see from our photos taken when the bunnies we're 3 months old (the bunnies are British Giants)  its going to be quite a mission to house them all if there has been some successful "hanky panky".....only time will tell.

 Jinian & Phoenix

Phoenix and Nile

Nile & River ( can you see a Pattern?)

Me and Baby Phoenix

Phoenix playing dead &  Nile (Inspector Clouseau)