Thursday, 1 March 2012

The Balance of Knitted sanity & Dog fart!

Well its been a busy week or two but in between the chaos i have managed to make a few things, partly as a avoidance tactic from an assignment i had to complete as well as a distraction from a death anxiety..that I'm not even aware of having! i think it helps keep the balance between my heavy work load of psychoanalytical babel and creativity, enabling me to be reasonably sane .......mostly.

 Anyway what ever the reason i am absolutely loving making things, its the only thing i have for me, something i do not have to share :) except with my lovely Grandson "Ryley", who helps  organize my lovely Button collection...great times :).

It would seem I'm really good at making useless things, so I've made 4 knitted hearts, some flowers for my lamp,some knitting bunting (on going project) 1 granny square (more to follow) and a Button tiara...i have so many idea's in my head i don't know where to begin really...i have an idea for some wall art and some knitted greeting cards. i also plan to do some weaving (not physically of course!) anyway heres a few photos of my crafty moments of this past week.

 So I’m on a bit of a mission really to try as many crafty makes as I can…sadly I can’t sew, so if it needs sewing I often make a mess of it but practice makes perfect.

Talking of sewing, our young Dog Indi, needs her bum sewn up, she has some serious fart issues that I feel needs addressing, it’s so bad even SHE moves away from them! Obviously when you’re sat,  midway through a complex knitting maneuverer you can’t up and leave so often I’m sat there needles in hand, in a cloud of what can only be described as toxic gas.

Well thanks for taking the time to pop by. x

how funky is this??

the before buttons

Farty arse's new Button collor

1st Knitted hearts

Just cos its mega wonderful

My Fav Tiara to date :)

last time :)

the completed hearts.


  1. really love the flower buttons and the lamp is genius!

  2. I really am loving the hearts and the lamp shade. Sure does brighten it up, literally and cosmetically.

  3. p.s. thanks for following my blog