Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mucking fuddles!

My husband (Jinian) and i finally managed to get out the front door yesterday (I'm sure we was wearing concrete slippers) , anyhow, we went to Kings Lynn, where there seemed to be an abundance of people with either very short fringes or very low eyebrows!! 
* no offense to anyone from Kings Lynn or people with high fringes or low eyebrows!

We was on a hunt for some crafty bits & a new stool for our Recording studio (more about that later). it was all rather nice and not too busy, we managed to find everything we was looking for and came home. By the time we got in and put the shopping away it was late so i had no time to do anything crafty :( but today, once time had decided to goat << (hahaha that should say go at) normal speed and i donned my vacant head on and  i finally managed to start making :).

Last night i had a dream of how to make a tiara, so this afternoon i made one, its been a good few years since i tried my hand at tiara making so it could all have turned into one big mess,as it happened its not turned out to bad. im not to happy with the beading on the band base, it was extremely tricky to do and took the longest out of all of it!  I've now thought of an easier way to place the beads upon it so i may dismantle this tiara and start again or just do another one.

.......So while i was busy making things, Jinian was putting the finishing touches to the Wilde Rose Studio, we've had quite quite a bit of work done in there over the Christmas period and its now almost complete, thank god. with a brand new vocal booth we are able to offer recording sessions at affordable prices for vocalists and acoustic artist's. Jinian is the perfect person for all kinds of advice and vocal tuition as he has a vast amount of experience in the music industry including this as well as loads more music projects over the years :)

  Random information
  *  Warning not for under 18's.
 I've just worked out why I'm so moody after dinner times.... i cant stand drying up and putting away. it gives me the right hump! As does getting my words muddled (dyslexic speech), i was in the vets some years ago  and i meant to ask for a "fun cat pack", nothing funny in that i hear you cry!
well do me a favor swap the at in cat and place it in front of the F in fun now say out loud!!! yep you got it, embarrassing, I'm always doing it.

My dad told me  dyslexic  are clever as they see things in a multitude of ways..... i think he was just being kind :( still, nice try dad. maybe i should tell that to my tutor who keeps pointing out that my assignments do not flow clearly.

Being Dyslexic does have its bonuses, I'm excellent at word searches, i can see faces and images in almost everything, and i can read upside down and backwards ( faster than reading normally)........ I JUST CANT STRUCTURE A SENTENCE!

Anyway i have digressed from what i was saying...which is another dyslexic trait!! Well I'm now off to do the poxy drying up :( thanks for reading x


  1. I would love to spend a day wandering around in your mind!!! X

    1. I think you would need a good compass and some decent hiking boots to trek through all the bits of nonsense!! X