Friday, 20 January 2012

If theres a God , she is a she!

Gaining a weight loss

For the past few years i have gone through many changes including a weight gain, as anyone who has ever been overweight will know, it's not nice being big, so i am on a mission to change my large and baggy body into one that has more svelteness * purposely choosing a "gaining" word (positive affirmation) than a "loss" word (negative reinforcement). 

There are some bonuses to being large,for example,when i buy clothes i get more material for my cash and i  save an absolute bomb on my water bill since i only need to  fill my bath half way and as an added Bonus...I'm able to block peoples vision when I'm punching in my debit card number at the checkout, thus reducing my chances of card fraud.

Of course this is all said tongue in cheek, I'd love to get back to my ideal weight, so three weeks ago i joined a slimming group and so far I've gained 10lb of loss :)  not only am i hoping to gain slimness but I'm hoping it will increase my confidence as well as my health. Some days my body has trouble moving this extra 4 stone around, I'm just thankful my dairy-air is at the back of me so i don't have to see it!!! God  must have been a Woman!

Anyway (change of topic) as for the Rabbits....still no bunnies, it looks like she was just going through the motions :( it wasn't a wasted exercise though, she managed to get a new hutch all to herself for a week! Right me and my 10lb svelter body are off, be sure to drop by again & thanks for reading.

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  1. Haha, you are so funny!!! Well done lovely! x