Thursday, 19 January 2012

Cods wallop & Shiny things

I thought I'd share a bit of my past with you. About 4 years ago I was in the business of making wedding box cakes, it was a great experience and business went well. I worked from home with a friend, creating boxed wedding cakes. I used many materials such as gems,beads flowers and ribbons. I would decorate the individual cake slice boxes to look like an iced cake, then when I had built the stands and tiered the boxes I would take it down to Basildon where a cake maker would fill the individual boxes with wedding cake and she would place a cake on the top tier for the happy couple to cut or keep. (Please see photos) I also made the odd cake topper,wedding bouquet's & tiara's.

I must say I loved the work, it was so therapeutic. It was extremely time consuming too :( however its still something I would do again if I had the time and space. Anyhow I've been thinking of finding a hobby that I can put down and pick up when my time permits and as luck would have it a friend of mine from meanyjar was selling a jewelery making kit so I have decided to try my hand at that ;) so as soon as I decide what to make I shall put a post and show my handy work ;) Anyhow, thanks for reading and if you like the Blog you can make my day by clicking the follow button.

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