Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Rabino Bambinos...or not?

After a real whirlwind Romance, a house move and the fleeing of 2 of my grown up children, i was feeling slightly Barren so Jin and i decided to get serious and extend our family in the form of 3 extra large Rabbits :)

We had a section of our garden cornered off and bought a large plastic Dog Kennel to be used as a Hutch for our Bunnies, all was well and our bunnies we're Happy Bunnies. However it all turned into a bit of a mission really, since the rabbits were out 24/7 they managed to create an escape tunnel into the neighbors garden, so there we were, me, Jin and two Neighbors running around the Street in the dark, trying to catch them all.

We finally got them and invested in a 6ft deluxe Rabbit Hutch, much to the bunnies disgust!  You would think that would be the end of the tale, but oh the Rabbits are almost fully grown now and all seems to be going well.....until, i look out the window only to see our Innocent cute Bunnies making WHOOPEE, i get on line and do some research apparently females behave in this way with each other as a sign of dominance, my mind is put at ease and  i think no more of it.

Two weeks later one Bunnie is growling when handled and starts to pull fur from her belly and begins to make a nest in her hutch, we panic and place the said Bunnie into her own Hutch just in case she Kindles (gives birth) and the other rabbits hurt the Kits (baby's). That was 3 days ago and still no sign of tiny feet. I suppose if its going to happen it will do anytime now.

we still have the two other rabbits hutched together, new hutches are on order, but we still don't know who, if any of them is the daddy!!  As you can see from our photos taken when the bunnies we're 3 months old (the bunnies are British Giants)  its going to be quite a mission to house them all if there has been some successful "hanky panky".....only time will tell.

 Jinian & Phoenix

Phoenix and Nile

Nile & River ( can you see a Pattern?)

Me and Baby Phoenix

Phoenix playing dead &  Nile (Inspector Clouseau)

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  1. Lol. Only you could have female rabbits that reproduce!
    Lady bunnies with immaculate conceptions.
    Having recognised the theme for the three girl wabbits, I look forward to hearing the babies' names! x