Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Pushing water up hill!

Hello again :0 just a short blog. i've been thinking about having a place where i can have some interaction with other crafters. Its a lonely place to be and trying to find Crafterholics is a bit like "pushing water up hill", anyhow I come up with a face-book page. Its somewhere I can upload all my photos to and hopefully others will join in and share their makes too! I don't get much time to socialize really so the chance to chat to other people and here there crafting stories is pretty non please come and say hi to me :( are you feeling sorry for me yet??? at Crafty'z Corner and please feel free to upload some of your hand crafted goods.

After the completion of "The knitted camper van" I started to knit a 5" mouse, it was very easy and i learned how to knit a star in the process! it only took a few hours and the pattern was free, which made it all the more enjoyable to make.

 "Button Mouse"

I have also been able to make a bit of jewellery this week, but my fingers are still quite sore from all the wire work...I think I need to toughen up! I made a few Button rings and a simple Button Tiara ( I love buttons) I have so many ideas for button jewellery but I cant do it yet, as my hands split :( but I will be patient and take my time.

 Sadly i have lots of assignments to hand in over the next few weeks so i will only be making quick things for a while.

 I also have a lampshade that I can hear calling me....cant wait to get my hands on it, but id rather wait until I have more time to spare. Here is a picture of my last lamp shade dressing :) EVERYONE who visits us comments on how "Funky" it is.

Well thats it from me, thanks for dropping by and don't forget you can find me on fb at or on Twitter @singblogger


  1. absolutley love the mouse so gorgeous!

  2. They are so easy to make...the longest part is the sewing!! i have a few things to make but when i get time i would gladly make one called "wobblymouse" and send it you, if you'd like :)