Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Elle Flump & Button Bags

Well as promised the Post is here, its always a bit of a mad rush on Tuesdays as i leave the house at 7 in the morning and get home between 5-7 in the evening. by the time I've done dinner and sat down, got my paperwork in order for Wednesdays, my brain is fried. However it good to be alive, especially after I had a little "Tango" with cancer a few years ago, I decided dying was not my cup of tea, esp not at 34! so I spend my time practice pulling the Law of attraction to & fro, keeping the positive kind energies flowing throughout my days :) and It works.

Anyway this week i've spent some time sharing my face book page Crafty'z Corner, i've liked lots of Handmade pages and offered to give a shout out to anyone who shares on my page and a few have! One page that i have liked does a lot of good work spreading the crafting love around, its a great place and has many lovely crafted items on show, have a look! The-Handmade-Promise.

 Its been lovely to see other crafters makes. I had a pic posted from Lacewings, they make some wonderful crochet bits, that look good enough to eat, so pop over and say Hi. I also had LadyK.Toppers pop by, they do fab card toppers so if your into card craft then id have a look at these.  we also had a visit from MyCraftyHobbie making lovely jewellery, And some supper cute little animal figures from animalcrackers73  there were a lot of likes to many to link to them all but if you got to my Crafty'z Corner page you will see all the lovely people and there crafts :) PLEASE MENTION CRAFTY'Z CORNER AND HELP SPREAD THE WORD SO I CAN KEEP GIVING SHOUT OUTS :)

 So on to me, time has been a bit tight this week but I've made a little elephant who i've called "Elle Flump" bits of her anatomy can be seen disembodied below!

Looks like Butchers shop

I also found a wonderful camper van egg cosy knitting pattern, i fell in love and purchased it from VW-Camper-Van-Stuff-at-Snuginadub, the pattern is clear and easy so i will be finishing this off tonight and i plan to get busy crafting since i have 2 weeks off of Uni!
**** UPDATE. Egg cosy finished it took about 1-2 hours and was very easy, a great pattern & great service from VW-Camper-Van-Stuff-at-Snuginadub i love it ! what do you think?

 I treated myself to a bag last week, one that will hold  my copious amounts of wool . i've been looking for a few weeks but found nothing i liked...until i come across this page Emmas-Sewing-Crafts, Emma was very helpful esp with my lack of ability in the measurement department! the service was quick and Emma even customized my bag with Buttons, (id love to have a bath full of Buttons).    So why not pop over and have a peek at some of her Bags :)

My lovely Bag with added Buttons....just for me ;)

 Well folks, my tired brain is about to switch off, i will be uploading my V.W egg cosy as soon as i make it  along with a post about life choices as seen through the eyes of Button Wilde.

Thanks for dropping by and if you want to see some real talent check out those links.
Button wilde x


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning me in your fantastic blog.

    1. Hi your more than welcome, im hoping to get another post done soon with some more shout outs :) x