Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Brela Beach & Little Red Riding hood!

Well two posts in as many days!!! what is going on in the land of Button Wilde i hear you cry!!

Well this is only a small post just to share a few things with you... firstly, I'm fortunate enough to be married to the lovely Jinian Wilde who has been in the music industry for years....anyhow, we run a small friendly Recording Studio called Wilde Rose Studio  and we have been working on a few dance tracks for Exclusive Recordings  I'm a great fan of Dance & Trance (esp uplifting tunes) so I've really enjoyed putting some words together and singing away in the Vocal Booth.

One of the songs "High Rollers feat. Marina Wilde - Brela Beach" (can be heard here>>>You Tube) has just been released on i Tunes, so why not pop over and have a listen i Tunes ... there are 4 different mixes, my personal favorite has to be the extended mix  or the progressive trance remix by Italian duo Gabriel Tonce & Marco M.... So if you like Dance then click the link and SHARE  :D

I've also been a busy bee with my Knitting Needles....I've made the most adorable Little Red Riding hood ever- although she isn't very Little and has a face like she has just murdered the Big Bad Wolf... but still i adore her, what do you think of her??

Right folks i will now get back to my knitting and singing and I look forward to writing my next Blog Post....thanks for all your support & feed back its great hearing from you.

Remember you can see more of what i do on facebook @ Crafty'z Corner & Twitter @Sing Blogger  pop by and say Hi ;)

Chat Soon

Button xx

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