Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mixed Bag Of Nuts!

Well its been a while since i last Blogged, so much has happened i dont know where to start!!

I must say ive been making the most of the time off uni. Ive visited my  childhood friend in Lancaster I try to see her and her family once a year. we are very lucky because we can go ages without seeing each other yet as soon as were together its just like we see each other all the time! i must admite i still find it hard to say goodbye to her and her boys....somethings just dont change.

 Ive been singing in WRS wilde rose studio which has been great fun, my Husband and i have been busy working on some dance tracks, its all good fun!
So what else have i been up to?......Well i celebrated my Birthday & Wedding anniversary (both on the same day) , i spent time with my family and was spoilt amoungs one of the gifts i received was a Blog post from my third daughter Demi why not pop over and have a read of her Blog Dreaming Dreams and if you enjoy it click the FOLLOW button :) its also my Nieces Birthday soon so i have made her a Topsy Turvy Dolly.

 I have also been making a few bits such as ......... A rather cute Apple cozy ;)

 A beautiful Baby booties...almost enough to make me broody!!
 A Knitted bag to put some smelly's in..since our wardrobe has decided to small like something has died in there....yuk!
 I also made a couple of wine bottle cosy's....they were so easy. i really enjoyed making these.
 As you can see i made a new pal for Rabbit........

Johnathan Pigeon
....................................And a new friend for Budgie

And a new friend for Johnathan pigeon.

I also made a few phone covers and a cute mini Converse....great for putting on a key ring or in the car :)

On top of all that we now have a new addition to the fold.......His name is "Puss" when he first came to us he was like a feral cat at times....he didn't want to be touched much unless it was to play rough but the last few weeks he has really calmed down and often comes up for a cuddle, i do think he is a bit of a psychopath still. I  don't think he can resist hunting anything that has momentum....don't let that cute look fool you into a sense of safety!!

 I was also out on a bargain hunt last week and was fortunate enough to spot a beautiful tea set (although its a coffee pot), its a set by  "Royal Albert" called "Lavender Rose". I originally got it thinking i could sell it on and maybe make a bit of cash on it....however it has stolen my heart and i am sooo reluctant to sell it on.
Lavender Rose

 By the looks of it i'm starting a collection of tea sets as i already own a 12 piece set called "Primrose".

Anyway enough of that i need to get back to my next knitting projects which consists of a knitted brain ;) and "Little Red Ridding Hood". I hope you've enjoyed this post & all i've rambled on about and i look forward to writing the next Blog soon. Oh and lastly i have been using my face book page again so feel free to join us on facebook at Crafty'z corner .
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  1. just found your blog through the wonderful world of twitter! love your topsy turvy dolls! i remember i used to have one as a child but they werent knitted. they are so cute!

  2. Hey Vicki great you found us ;) they are fab dolls aren't they?, shame we don't see many of them now days :( x

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