Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Adam Ant rocks!!

wow can you believe ive not posted since Aug!!!
sadly this post is just a quicky too. im at uni untill next week and have had assignments coming out my ears which is why there has been an absence in blog posts. ive also been recording some dance tracks for Exclusive recordings!!, the latest being shine on you diamond. have a listen :)  .. i think  it is such a feel good tune, bias tho i am!!

any how back to my knitting.....
Its frustrating for me as i love knitting and due to lack of time and my own resistence to working to a time scale i only take orders that dont mind waiting a month or two for the final item. it does mean i turn orders away as i feel committed...however im thinking of having a waiting list and letting people know if & when im free to start there order if its still sure other crafter's must have a similar issue with hobbie time!!

i have knitted a few items tho and thought id share them with you all... it seems im getting quite a collection. i must say Adam Ant has made it big on @twitter, wouldnt it be fab if he went viral!!

So Adam has gone to his new owner...he shall be missed :) he stood 18inches so was quite some work but i enjoyed knitting him.
i also knitted some farm animals and a pirate and a baby as you can see there quite a disfunctional bunch!

well i hope to be blogging again soon, remember you can find me on fb crafty'z corner or on twitter @singblogger.@singblogger.

  if i dont get a chance before Christmas i shall wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year xxx

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