Sunday, 13 May 2012

Feathers in a flap!!

wow what a mad month its been...ive been stressed, moody and had no time for crafting...but thats all over now :) till September :D which means i can get my craft on once again!!!
 i had a lovely surprise 2 weeks ago i won a competition ran by the lovely Handmade by H, and i was so pleased with my prizes seen below. in fact i was so impressed with the quality of my prizes i have ordered a cuff :) as soon as it arrives i will put up a pic :)

I have managed to make a few bits , i made a Budgie, which took about 2 hours to make and was very easy.

 i have also been knitting a Amish Doll, it's traditional not to put a face on the doll. this chap took me ages to knit he is about 14-16 inches tall. although he is great i don't think i would knit him again as i got bored and wished i hadn't started him :( i think he would be better if he was about 7 inches tall, personally..... so i spent ages knitting this chap only for my Dog to chew him up the day after i had finished him!!
tending to his 'erbs
 i also still have Queenie and her royal flush popping up every so often...bound to happen given that its soon to be jubilee time!

Queenie made by me & the loo made by alithealiencrochet

i have also made a few gnomes one of which is seen below, one has been called Norman and is going to hang around in a car as a career  :)

i have also made Lady Nibbles, she is to be joined by her Husband lord Nibbles very soon :)
and i also have just started a Knitted camper van for a customer, so hopefully that will be ready in a few weeks ;)

So as you can see i have been de-stressing with lots of small projects. id just like to give a few shout outs to some pages on face book and some blogs that i feel give that little bit extra.
Firstly we have lacewings a really lovely page for great crafting :)
pale moon creation for wonderful beads, & jewellery
and Creative-Knits whos a page after my own heart :)) and of course not forgetting where you can find me..... Crafty'z Corner
 i'm also on twitter singing blogger, however be warned i am not sane and often post some random rumblings!! as for other Blogs,why not pop over to  to see some amazing scarfs and other bits and bobs  and while your on a roll pop by and say Hi to green-dragonette.blogspot.  who's recipes are wonderful, funny how they both contain two of my favorite subjects!! lol.
thanks for popping by and i hope you've enjoyed my ramblings :)  Button Wilde x  ( p.s apologizes for lack of correct grammar and caps etc...but time was limited whilst i wrote this latest Blog )


  1. Thanks for the shout out, love Hamish he's so expressive even without a face, and the budgie is very cute. Our little mouse was a wonderful mascot this weekend at a craft fair and a little girl loved her. I gave her mum crafty'z corner details. so hopefully you'll get a commission :)

    1. Hi great to here form you :) hope you & mouse are keeping well! im glad your getting mini mouse out and about, nothing worse than a bored mouse lol .... thanks for passing on my details and i hope your craft fayre went well. x.