Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Washing line opinions!

I've been walking around watching people over the last few days and it seems to me that we got a lot of suspicious people. I can understand it, i suppose long gone are the days when you could trust your neighbors ect. But honestly i find it sad when people are distrusting of a good deed or honest offer of help....... there is a huge price we are all paying for the dishonest folk in this world!

Anyhow i feel better for saying that.

On a more cheerful note i was sat people watching the other day and my thoughts turned to life and death ;) (has to be one of my fav subjects) i realized that we are all walking through our life carrying our rotten, decaying bodies with us, until we reach the end / beginning (as you can see this is a cheerful  post) and i likened our life to that that is seen all across nature, we grow, we bloom, we fade, we die...but from the moment we are existing we are on a decline. i must say my view on all this is probably warped!

Death is so hard to accept, losing someone is one of the worst experience i have ever gone through, but i have grown through it, i have far more respect and patience and appreciation for the here and now than i have ever had and i have learned that memories are life's gift, not a curse.

Back onto people again, i have listened to a few people this week giving their opinions, ^ myself included!!  and i had an image of a washing line with clothes (opinions) flapping around in the wind. obviously the clothes (opinions) on the line get changed with time, now depending on how windy it is (their social influence) depends on how much the clothes  (their opinions) flap about, sometimes their clothes are not pegged on securely and they just hang (weak opinions), sometimes its so windy their clothes fly off the washing line and head straight into someone else's garden and that is when the trouble starts, when that happens the only thing to do is pick up your clothing and leave,it's NOT your garden and you have NO right airing your laundry in it. <<<< and that is my opinion, my word, thats a paradoxical statement!


  1. It is good when after you loose someone you can finally get to the point when you can enjoy the memories and get comfort from them.

  2. I agree, i think i was having a bit of a moany post when i wrote this lol. x